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Re: Are the swiss racist?

Ah.. here we go again! Look.. I know the same thing happens in other countries, too!! You can say anything you want.. I KNOW it happens in other countries, too! I've got friends from all over the world who have already experienced it... be it in the USA, GB, Italy, China, ....!
Besides.. not all Swiss people are like that. I've got some very good Swiss friends and they don't like what's going on in Switzerland. So, it's really very unfair to say that Swiss people in general are racist when in fact a lot of them aren't!
I can only speak from from my own experience here and that is the racism here is open and articulated. In many other nations its not.

In the UK for example, there is a great deal of fuss about asylum seekers and immigration per se, and I have heard many a rant in pubs about the "reasons" for the problems. This bigoted view is never widely endorsed, certainly not in polite company.

What is shocking here however is the openess with which it is expressed by professional people that you would expect to know better.

Its an interesting to question whether covert racism is better or worse. When discrimination is buried under a multitude of other "reasons" its more difficult to tackle than a statement in an apartment advert "No Italians".

If Schweiz wants to join EU that it will be encouraged if not forced to adopt the relevant legislation to address at least some of the problems...