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Re: german levels in this forum.

I live in Kanton Wallis. Anyone who has been here knows what I mean...the 'Swiss German' spoken here is, well, special. I began to learn High German before I came over, found myself utterly lost when I arrived, then slowly began to pick up some dialect. Now Wallisano smatters in with my somewhat limitted High German. So, here, I'm getting by and improving (I don't need my wife to hold my hand everywhere I go anymore).

The problem is, I am only partially intelligible anywhere else (don't know enough of either 'dialect' to flip the switch). When I was working in Germany for 6 months, it was quite an effort to be understood. Even in Zurich, people would switch and speak French to me (I'm an anglophone) from time to time. One lovely lady (originally Vaudoise if I recall who'd been in Zurich some 15 years) even said she would rather speak French to an anglophone than have to converse with 'the mountain people'.

My plan now that I have more time is to take more High German courses. My thinking is, at least then I'll have a one way switch to High German for people NOT from the Oberwallis and the dialect will sort itself out through immersion. If anyone thinks this is an inherently flawed plan...please let me know (I tend to run into trouble when I think or make plans ).
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