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Isambard Mews
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Re: More parking woes

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That's probably the best course of action - ask for clarification because you didn't commit the crime exactly as they described it.

I have another problem. My "local" speed camera on Seestrasse, Seefeld has been changed to one of the new laser models. I've got many speeding tickets from this thing for being 1km/h over the limit (50) over the years. Now that it is laser and pointing in BOTH directions I watch the speedo each time I drive through it.

Last night I drove through it with my eyes locked on the needle at exactly 50 and it flashed me! There was another car next to me, but it seemed to be level with me, so it can't have been doing more than 50 either.

So now I'm waiting to see what arrives in the mail, and if I get fined - I wonder what I should do? I'll probably be on another hiding to nothing...

By the way, I guess you know that the police here, like the traffic wardens in the UK, get performance related pay - the more fines they give, the better their pay. I guess this extends also to traffic wardens here too.

I now try to drive 10kph below the speed limit to avoid surprised. i don't know if people have legs of steel, but it's impossible to maintain a constant speed exactly, esp. if the road is hilly.

i'm trying to avoid driving while staring constantly at the speed meter as this is dangerous, but having been caught for going 2kph over the limit on a motorway, i'd rather err on the side of caution.
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