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Re: UK/Swiss Company (LTD to GmbH) Help Needed

Thanks for all the helpful tips - it is much appreciated.

The reason for my initial question is that I have been convinced by everyone I have spoken to so far that, including your advice, that I have to convert to becoming an employee on a Swiss GMBH after working 90 days in Switzerland using your UK Ltd Company.

The bit that I was not totally sure about was if my assigment was based around deliverables (which it could easily be) and not just Consultancy day rate recharging, would that make a difference?

I also have employees of my UK Consultancy operation that will be joining me in the coming few months and will be working here for about a year, or longer. They are likely to be commuting so that they can go back to the UK at weekends. So I have the hassle of taking them out of my UK Payroll arrangements and putting them into a Swiss GMBH.

I take it there is no other way around this challenge of having to transfer to a Swiss GMBH after 90 days? Does anyone know how big Consultancies like Deloitte or KMPG deal with this? I can't imagine that if they have a London based employee who is getting sent to Zurich for 6 months to do some audit for a Multinational that they end up taking them out of their UK Payroll after 90 days and put them into a Swiss GMBH for couple of months and then transfer them back to the UK Payroll. It all sounds a bit clumsy, not least from a tax return perspective - however this might actually be what happens!!!

To make things more confusing, I was at a Barbeque last night and spoke to a Contractor for a big Finance House who said he was been working out of his UK Ltd Company as a traditional contractor for the past 4 years without issue and the Swiss authorities are also happy with this (he just fills in his Swiss Tax return with Zeros)!!!!!

Any thoughts or insights on the above gratefully received!

Also, anyone know of a good accountant that I can use for exploring more complex issues like this, as I am sure the above situation is going to through up other peculiarities like offsetting travel costs against Swiss tax etc?
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