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Re: Religious Musings

---Quote (Originally by Sorensen)--- There sure is an agenda of keeping creationism out of science classes. Rightly so, because it is not science (you say it is religion yourself), you cannot set up can experiment that supports a creationist theory. As opposed to this, evolution _is_ recreated in the lab, and there are attempts (so far unsuccessful) to create life from non-life. It has not been done yet, but it could in principle be doable. PS: I am aware that creationists come in several flavours - I find the young-earth variety quite hilarious. ---End Quote---

I can agree with that. TOE and Creationism are as different as apples and oranges. TOE is scientific theory, while Creationism is a subject for humanities/religion. As for how Science is taught. I don't see how or why anyone would try to legislate how teachers teach students. A teacher should be able to use whatever range of tools they want to teach. Could you explain the value of teaching TOE? What benefits have come out of it? And what do you see are the problems of teaching Creationism as a Humanities/Religion course? As for the young earth creationists, are those the ones who believe man co-existed with dinosaurs? Yes, that is very misguided.
whe I taught in elementary/middle in Switzerland or the UK, it was not a problem. Here is the US it is a major problem. it depends on the parents on the school board. the main problem comes with Earth Science. It is best to just stick to the script. However invariably students will ask what you think. I refuse to tell them as you can get fired!
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