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Of all the possible wonders one can instill in a child, you are obsessed with teaching children that they are accidental animals who are not much more than bio-chemical reactions. How much duller can a person be than that?

Rest assured that there are many of us who go to extreme measures to counter-act the garbage educational institutions try to instill in our children. We let our children know that their consciousness, imaginations and personalities are gifts and expressions of a living God.

It just so happens I was reading a portion of an Ayn Rand novel that reminds me of this:

"Sweep aside those parasites of subsidized classrooms, who live on the profits of the mind of others and proclaim that man needs no morality, no values, no code of behavior. They, who pose as scientists and claim that man is only an animal, do not grant him inclusion in the law of existence they have granted to the lowest of insects. They recognize that every living species has a way of survival demanded by its nature, they do not claim that a fish can live out of water or that a dog can live without its sense of smell–but man, they claim, the most complex of beings, man can survive in any way whatever, man has no identity, no nature, and there's in any way whatever, and there's no practical reason why he cannot live with his means of survival destroyed, with his mind throttled and placed at the disposal of any orders they might care to issue."
I don't think that there is anything dull about being a biochemical reaction, I would dare to venture that a majority of births are accidental and thank goodness for that. It would be a very boring world if everything created was the result of some great master plan.

Animals are not dull either, my cat looks at me typing with disdain as if to say that I am pretty boring animal.

If you think that teachers fill children's minds with garbage, you have the right to do something about it.

In fact I try to get children to think for themselves, not tell them how to think. That is one reason that I will not tell them about my belief in God, I believe but cannot prove there is a God. It is up to each child to discover their own idea of God and wonder of the world. To me God is love, I encourage them to give love and receive love.

I see in my children mannerisms, gestures and expressions that are from relatives that they have never met or not seen for years. Whether I like those mannerisms or not, they form part of their personalities. Who am I to decide which traits were a gift from God and which not? To me they are all gifts, you just have to figure out how best to use them.

There are children who have been raised in isolation, likethe russian children raised by dogs. They have developmental delays in speech etc. bt they still have personalities, are still capable of showlove, affection, anger etc. they have some kind of moral code even though they have been devoid of human contact.

I am the product of subsidized state run institution, well when I went to school, I pretty much raised myself, I didn't have any of the extreme measure that you speak of to counteract garbage and in retrospect Idon't think that I needed them. I was and still am an animal, childbirth reminds of that.
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