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Re: Smoking & Health Insurance

Actually, if you're poor the government will kick in and help pay your health insurance premiums. Basel used to be quite good for helping with premiums.

200 a month? Damn, that's cheap. I'd love for us to be paying that little - we pay ~320/month and ~400/month (1500 deductible, 500 deductible). Shopping around found little differences in premiums.

Anyway, yes, there will always still be addicts who steal to get their fix. But considering the rate of drug use here vs. the rate of crime you'll find that the crime rate is pretty low compared to the addict rate.
As Mark said in another post (credit cards), this is not a low crime country. I know several people who have had bags, phones, wallets etc stolen, and it is on the forums as well. If by low crime you mean low rates of gun-, car- and violent- crimes, then yes it is.

Will an addict fill in the forms to get assistance? I've been accosted 3-4 times for money on the S4 and, boy, these people look f---ing awful and unable to dress or wash let alone fill in forms for state help.

Nicotine addiction is different: do you sell your possession to buy some ciggies? Do you go around asking people for a few franks on the street to buy a pack? It is in a different class to heroin (or crack etc).

And what about gambling addicts, or alcoholics (winos, jakies)?

And nicotine: Is is nicotine, or is it the sheer habit and routine of having a smoke over beer or after a meal? Plenty of studies are available for me to say that.

Premiums vary per kanton etc. We pay 225 and 250 for 1500 excess (and that's only coz I changed jobs and lost my benefits)
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