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Re: What should i do ?

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Are you sure? I believe it is the opposite.

I got my marriage registered in Germany, so I am not 100% sure about Switzerland, but I would expect it to be similar: In Germany, a marriage is accepted if it was consensual and following any legislation worldwide. If you want to, you can marry according to African tribal laws or in a wedding chapel in Vegas. I am not making this up but was told so by a German official (because we were considering to get married in Asia). You might have to hand in or prepare some extra paperwork afterwards, but legally you are married.

If this would not be the case, all the foreigners arriving here would not be sure of their legal status...

So if you did officially marry in the Carribean and you have paperwork supporting this, you are married.

Yes, of course you can get marry where and how you want, but if a partner is Swiss, and the marriage is supposed to be legally valid, it must be registered at those Standesamt.
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