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Re: L Permit and Proving health insurance

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Hi, I had a 6 month L permit and the kanton wants me to show them that i was covered by health insurance either in Switzerland or abroad during the 6 month period however I had travelled a few times and seeked travel insurance with who ever i flyed with.
Also I got a UBS campus account and it included the Euro26 Swiss Mobiliar, apparently it covers you. but the only detail i can find regarding it is this PDF

As the permit period is over, do I have to either buy or somehow prove that I have insurance for the last 6 months?
The problem is I have a new job and a request has been submitted to renew my permit for a B status which i hope doesn't delay the process.
That was travel insurance, not medical insurance.

It is likely you will have backdate your medical insurance to your entry date on your L permit.
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