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Re: Kinderzulage

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I worked some years ago in Zurich for 18 mths, and received kinderzulage for the children, who were back in the UK. The process of registering seemed relatively painless. I'm now back in Zurich and have applied again. However this time I have been asked to fill in EU form E411 ( . See final few pages for the English version. Has the situation changed recently with regard to qualification? It seems like I have to get a letter from the benefits authorities in the UK to say that I am not claiming there, and that I qualify for benefit payments under the UK interpretation of requirement. Has anyone got experience of filling an E411 and who would I get a certificate from to say that i wasn't claiming anything, or my wife wasn't claiming anything.
Don't know about the form you mention - hubby's work sorted all the paperwork out - but we had to provide a letter from the UK Child Benefit people, to prove we weren't double claiming. They should send you one automatically some time after you've de-registered, but give them a ring and a nudge if you haven't had one after a few weeks.

Edit: just re-reading your post - is your wife staying in the UK with the children? If so, and she's not working, then claiming Child Benefit will also entitle her to a credit of that year's National Insurance contributions towards her State Pension. If any of the kids are under 6, then she also gets a credit for the State Second Pension. So do the maths, and see which country works out best if you have a choice of where to claim (not sure if you do or not).

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