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Re: Law school or business school in CH?

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Here's a question for the Forum -- is it possible for an English speaker to move to Switzerland and try to start a new career from scratch by beginning a law school or business school program, or some other form of education that puts you on track for a new career? My situation is complicated, but suffice it to say that my current career as university professor can't possibly be duplicated in Switzerland. I want to move there to be with my husband -- he loves it there and has been there for many years, I like it there and am considering giving up my life in the US to start a new one over there. Yet the jobs I see advertised are for people with corporate experience, which I don't have at all. I'm in my late 30s -- are there "non traditional" foreign students in the Swiss university system? I'm thinking about professional training b/c I've always been the high achieving type, so I don't know if I could be happy doing just anything to keep myself busy. My French and Italian are excellent, my German is good... any ideas from you for what I could do over there???
Of course it's possible! You can retrain as anything you're capable of doing ... in particular, there are great business schools (sorry, I didn't check your intended location but Lausanne stands out and wherever your husband is in CH, you'll be closer to him there than you are now!).

If the main thrust of your question is "Is being an English speaker a barrier to undertaking higher education in CH?", then the answer is no, in most cases, especially if it's university-based higher education.

This is pretty general but I hope reassuring.
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