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Re: Law school or business school in CH?

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Here's a question for the Forum -- is it possible for an English speaker to move to Switzerland and try to start a new career from scratch by beginning a law school or business school program, or some other form of education that puts you on track for a new career? My situation is complicated, but suffice it to say that my current career as university professor can't possibly be duplicated in Switzerland. I want to move there to be with my husband -- he loves it there and has been there for many years, I like it there and am considering giving up my life in the US to start a new one over there. Yet the jobs I see advertised are for people with corporate experience, which I don't have at all. I'm in my late 30s -- are there "non traditional" foreign students in the Swiss university system? I'm thinking about professional training b/c I've always been the high achieving type, so I don't know if I could be happy doing just anything to keep myself busy. My French and Italian are excellent, my German is good... any ideas from you for what I could do over there???
I think it would be possible, since there are not many schools that offer MBAs, for instance, in English that do not cost an arm and a leg (or all extremities).
I guess it just depends on your budget and your experience

Good Luck!
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