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Re: List of Credit cards and their chip and pin status

Thanks to all so far. I have updated the table reflecting your answers.

Hashbrown, your Viseca also worked with pin outside of the SBB terminals and gasstations? I mean, it worked with pin in a normal shop too, right?

Tilia, I paid with the Migros Mastercard at Migros, but I am not sure if that is the only credit card allowed. I will check next time

Nirmala, can your card be accessed through online banking of some sort, so you can see the statements online?

Goldtop, about needing a signature, although that should be true, I think a pin is safer than a signature, because whenever I sign, 80% of the time, they do not even check my signature. At least with a pin, it is harder for a thief to use the card.
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