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Re: How to legally employ a cleaning lady

Just to reiterate on the original post, with Topcombi ( only written in German and French at this stage, if you telephone, English is of course available), you will get all the help, information and support you need, to engage an employee, of any kind, for any length of time.

They are excellent, they truly know thier stuff and are extremely friendly and relaxed with it.
They take the big stress out of all the beurocratic shite, which is necessary for both sides (even those that don't think they need/want to go that way).

All sides are protected and for the employer, it makes it so much easier, as they will deal with all the paperwork, apart from the initial contact and details of course.

The only thing I find a little odd is, they send the end of the taxation year statement, to the employer, not the employee, which is not a big deal in itself and probably has a reason ( I just don't see it yet), you have only to forward it to the employee.

They truly do a good job.

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