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Re: Help! Buy vs. lease a car?

Do you have a foreign car already ? If so you could push the envelope of using that.

More information required. What kind of car do you seek, are you fussy about how new it is; who is going to drive it and where.

Do you need to buy ? That is specifying a solution and not the problem.
You could do swissmobility; irregular short-term hire ;long-term hire or even leasing depending on your circumstances.


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Hi there,

I need to buy a car in Switzerland for the next 2 years. What are the costs/benefits of buying versus leasing Switzerland? I don't have the money currently to buy in cash, but leasing sounds expensive over the long term. Is it better over the long term to buy the car and take a loan from a bank (eg UBS) or lease?

Note - I do not want or need a fancy car. I'm looking for something used, good mechanical condition, decent mileage, a VW type brand, not an Audi or BMW.

I hope you can help, because on leases and borrowing in Switzerland, I am clueless!

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