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German pitfalls: genders and separable verbs

Hi all, here I am, like many here, learning german. I am an italian mother tongue and I speak also french and english. I think I am not bad at learning lanuages, but I have to admit I really don't like the german language (SORRY!) and actually I prefer the colorfulness of the swiss dialect But that's not the point... I am motivated to learn it for communication purposes and also as a personal challenge.

My biggest difficulties are with genders, of course, but also with separable verbs. I have an hard time remembering the verbs which drastiacally change their meaning with the preposition.
I studied latin which has much in common with this language, but there the composite verbs still make more sense, if you know the meaning of the preposition and the root verb, you can sometime guess the meaning. This is not always like this in german. (ab-machen - meet up? and others I can never remember...)

So, open question: what are you suggesitions or the method you use/prefer to remember composite verbs and gender?
My study book suggest to remember the name with their articles, das Auto, der Salad, etc... But it doesn't work for me.

Muss ich nur üben, um worten zu erinnieren? Ich mache gerade ein Deutschkurse, aber es ist nicht genug, um diese sprache zu lehrnen


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