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Re: Question for anyone who has lived in UK.

The "What can I do in London question" is to large to be answered here. Use the net searches.

As regards food : if you are talking Central London:

Alcohol : Zürich prices
Food, retaurants: about Zürich*80%
Takeaway, or cheap eats : Zürich*70%+

The key point is that the choice is much wider, and so you can find better value and what you really really want.


I may take a month trip to UK Aug. 29-Sept. 25 for a CELTA certificate, since it appears it will be more accredited here than my TEFL certificate for teaching English. Anyways, is there a good site for events in London area around this time or does anyone have suggestions on what I should do/see on weekends? Also how much should I bring for 4 weeks worth of food?
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