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Re: Job offer - Your Feedback Please

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Hi there, we are family of 4 (hubby, myself, 4y.o. and a newborn). Husband has been offered perm job in Zurich.

Offer is CHF 130,000 plus lump sum for relocation. I wonder if someone can tell me if this is descent money for the 1st year while I am not working? we will need to pay rent accomodation, prob car, food etc, kindergarten..

also how much money we would expect to get for relocation from the UK?

thank you very much.
I think the salary is not an issue, BUT if you want to live close to Zürich, you are going to pay for this by paying more rent for less space. If your hubby doesn't mind a commute, if you see yourself living outside of Zürich, this could make a big difference in the amount of rent you pay and what kind of place you live in. Rent is going to be your biggest monthly expense. I have found housing families with 4.5 room apartments with rents of 1,600 per month...but a family can also found a house for 2,800 per month (these examples are the Baden area). So the first thing is to decide how and where you want to live. It's a lifestyle question.

The job market is tough and daycare is costly and limited. Not sure what kind of job you are looking for but it could be a long search. So I would budget on the salary on offer...don't push the rent budget by counting on a second salary.

Relocation packages vary greatly. This has been discussed in other threads. Many employers have a standard package based on the country you are moving from. Few employers are willing to negotiate the package but it doesn't hurt to try. But you have to do this before you accept the position, not after. If you are bringing all your furniture, try to get a moving quote, even a ballpark figure for starters.

Some companies set a budget and you use the money as you see fit so it may have to cover your travel here, shipping personal effects, housing search assistance, etc etc. Keep in mind there are tax implications on this money. Also, logic doesn't always prevail. For example, some employers offer one month's accommodation in a furnished apartment or hotel. This costs a small fortune. With most of the families I work with, they move into permanent housing right away so we negotiate this money for temp housing to be applied to something else. This can really help a lot.

Salary and lifestyle are connected. Two families can have the same salary and at the end of the month, they have vary different amounts left over. It is nice to have something left over for having some fun, like travel.

Good luck with your plans.

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