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Re: German pitfalls: genders and separable verbs

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Pick the method that best suits you.
  • You can learn a language intuitively like a child.
  • Or you can learn it analytically like most adults do.
Too much analysis leads to paralysis! Best is total immersion: Listen non-stop to radio and TV in German. Read local newspapers. Avoid all other languages for 6 months.
Indeed right. I started with Assimil (1st method) and had a quick start I admit. Then I continued with a german course (2nd method) and feel I am proceeding slower. However I am less motivated than at the beginning.

My problem is also that I work in english, I speak italian at home and sometimes french at the lab. And you get Schwitzerduutch feed everywhere
I am trying just now to speak as much german as I can at work, but not always this is possible.
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