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Re: A new Swan in Geneva

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Greetings everyone!! Another wild swan learning to swim in Geneva.

I am looking forward to be part of the happy family of EF. The EF has been a great source of information. For the past few weeks, I kept refering to it for everythinking~ I must say it contains a wealth of info on every subject and it served me as my lifeline! It also amused me to read some witty combacks, groan and some plain junk!

I also noticed most activities happening in ZH or some other location and was wondering if Geneva EF member are not active or just elusive?

For a first comer, I have said enough. Towards the end of my stay which is about 5-6 yrs I hope to say auvior with the proper french accent AUVIOR!! and ofcourse to be part of the lovely swans...
Everythinking EF members are definitely the best kind. Welcome!

I think that's my new favourite word.

Not that I'm any expert in French (and you do have 5+ years to get it right!), you'll be wanting to say au revoir at the end of your stay ... "oh revwah"
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