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Re: Running shoes advice

Thanks Advntr,

As usual you have elevated the discussion to a whole new level

Btw, for the casual reader who may not know the background, advntr is an elite amateur ultra runner, and currently he is amongst the top 0.000025% of the human species in this activity (hope I didn't miss out a zero). I am sure with his training runs of 3-6 hours, and 170 km race runs in the Alps, he can do full justice to those 6 pairs of trail shoes, and knows what he is buying. I am actually feeling envious of his mileage and collection of shoes

Earlier this season, I took his advice and bought my first pair of trail shoes after much thought, they really made serious difference. Actually it is quite easy to go to a large outdoors shop and blind test for traction (just wear different shoes and close your eyes and ascertain which ones slip first on the inclined surface, and there you have a crude blind test for yourself ).

As for road-running, I would agree with Advntr again. Nike free is the antithesis of "specialist running shoes"; just like the Vibrams 5 Fingers they are designed to prevent degeneration of the foot by constant external props. I think this was a smart move by the corporates when they realized they couldn’t answer disturbing questions scientists had begun asking about “specialist running shoes” from “serious manufacturers”, after a decade of free run with the gullible public.

So, for road running, we now have a wide range: specialist running shoes that offer support and motion control, cheap ordinary shoes that don’t offer anything more than skin protection, close-to-barefoot shoes (Vibrams 5 Fingers and Nike Free) which also don’t offer anything more than skin protection, and actual barefoot running; we can choose from these options depending on our attitude, lifestyle, fantasies, budget, and of course, (hopefully) some practical considerations. Each to their own!!

OP: I hope you can sift through this load of information and pick out what suits you ; happy and safe running

I will end this with a quote from my sports scientist-friend: "go out and have fun; just don't look for problems if you haven't got one"
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