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I asked this before but didn't get a response so, accepting that actual fit is a personal thing:

Has anyone got any personal recommendations for trail shoes?

Has anyone got any personal recommendations for trail shoes for ice and snow?


(I don't plan to run on snow and ice in bare feet! )
For Zurich: I found Jelmoli too expensive for my taste. But I chanced upon Bachli Bergsport when I was there buying something else. The Ground Floor is the showroom, where you get assistance from the staff, and prices are just like Jelmoli. However in the basement they have a factory outlet. They have almost identical range as above, but the staff here won't bother you much; they do have inclines, climbing walls where you can test them out liesurely. Here the prices are about 50% of the showroom prices.

Note: this is not a specialist running shop, just outdoors, but they do have a wide collection of gear for trail running. Further away, Chamonix, France has a brilliant amount of trail running shops, one will be spoilt for choice, and if you are serious, a visit there might be worth it.

(In three races in the Alps I have never seen a barefoot runner, I don't aspire to be one either, but it is not impossible: I have seen pictures from past years, of guys running barefoot at 3000m rocky terrain )

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