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Re: Running shoes advice

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Thanks to all for the advice on trail shoes - lots of good stuff there.

Johno - thanks for all the links!

I'm surprised about the negativity surrounding Gortex. It's a PTFE membrane (albeit with a backing layer) so weighs practically nothing.

I've got some Gortex lined hiking boots (KSBs) and they are brilliant - I can wade through streams etc and my feet stay dry.

Wearing my normal runnig shoes, I ended running through some long wet grass the other day up in the hills and had to do another 30Km to get home with socking wet soaks which wasn't pleasant (do I sound too wimpish here ).
I would have thought Gortex would have been great for this sort of thing.

Oh, well , I'll let you know how I get on.

Lots of good stuff indeed, IMO this deserves a dedicated thread for trail running shoes.

It has started snowing on Zugerberg, has someone checked out Uetliberg recently? It is time to think of something for the snow running, first timer there

As for your problem of feet getting wet due to seepage thru' socks, can gaiters be a solution
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