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Re: Running shoes advice

And a bit OT and out of season, but no harm in sharing best practices

Over the last few months I ended up running over the soft trails of Zugerberg, it has a lot of soft pastures, so no need to stick to trails.

I did it mostly barefoot, and I felt very safe running downhill, as the toes would dig into the soft earth below and adapt to the small undulations. Often the grass is a over a foot tall, so you can't make out the shape of earth below, but the feet would decide how to take each landing.

But now that it is cold and I need to wear shoes, I find it much harder to run downhill, I am perceiving the risk of twisted ankles, which I never had to worry earlier.

I am wondering how long before they invent winter version of the 5 Fingers that cover the ankles and stay warm/dry
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