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Re: Hay Fever - Antihistermines

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Hmm, I heard that there 's kind of injection that you take only one shot for the whole season. Your treatment is more like a vaccination. Do you know anything about this ?

I will try to take some antihistamine first. If it does not improve, have to go to an allergist
Actually the description that nanda gave is correct. Immunotherapy is a series of injection given 1-2X weekly for 3-6 months depending on the severity of symptoms then the interval are gradually prolonged. The maintenance therapy could last till 3-5 years. Usually the benefit can be seen 1 season after the initial treatment, which means, If I were to have this shots against my hay fever, I would have reduced symptoms next year. Of course there are exceptions to the rule who benefits immediately as I've said this is case to case. This treatment is like a "vaccination" except that its not meant to boost your immune system. Its the opposite. By introducing small amount of allergens (the stuff that causes your allergy), the body becomes used to it ( thats the theory behind this therapy). The problem with this therapy is the side effect. The first few shots are usually the critical ones because one can have serious side effects like anaphylaxis ( although rare). Another is that the results differ from patient to patients and it doesn't work for food allergy or allergy to certain medication.

As I've said my hay fever can be bad but I can control the symptoms with my medication without problems ie side effects. So I'm not considering this form of treatment just yet.