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Re: Running shoes advice

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The thing is, most of us have lived and grown up in cities and plains wearing shoes all the time, so our feet are soft and can't stand rough surfaces. Vibrams just offers some skin protection; it is nothing as romanticized by the Vibrams website either. ...
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Following on from this, as no sole of feet protection is really required on a running track, and ignoring warmth factor, what advantages have these things really got over running bare feet? I can;t see any obvious benefit.

It's not as if they are inexpensive to buy.
I can't see any either, as I had detailed in my first post in this thread

Nor do I consider they are inexpensive, that is why I use them only where I need it and can afford it: on the odd section of asphalt/gravel that I encounter during trail runs. I ran my first Intervals on track last week, it felt great running barefoot; with the onset of winters I might switch to the Vibrams.

I think they are a terribly expensive way to run on roads due to the fast wear, that is why perhaps Advntur runs on Nike Free; I do with mostly on cheap light shoes.
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