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Re: Running shoes advice

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Following on from this, as no sole of feet protection is really required on a running track, and ignoring warmth factor, what advantages have these things really got over running bare feet? I can;t see any obvious benefit.

It's not as if they are inexpensive to buy.
Good point. I warm-up and cool-down barefoot on the track. Mid-summer when I tried to do a full 40-minute interval session barefoot (either 800 meter or 1600 meter repeats), I didn't have the toughness built up in my feet to make it through it without blistering. This left me with a couple odd blisters going into one of my races, so I opted for the protection of the FiveFingers. Plus, when I'm at my redline during an interval (heart rate in the high 190s), I don't want to chance a haze-induced mis-step that would result in a ripped off toe nail -- a minor annoyance during the off-season, but a show stopper during the summer racing season!

It's reached a point now where pulling out the FiveFingers has a major psychological advantage for me -- like a dog reacting to seeing the leash come off the shelf. It means it's time for speed play on the track -- I get excited and focused on what I need to do to maximize this specific type of training. I never got that feeling when I pulled regular running shoes out of my bag, so for me it's worth some of the price just for the psychological advantage. I'll take any trick I can get to help with motivation and this one seems to be working!
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