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Re: Global Warming - what's behind it?

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This is again manipulating figures to make a point.

Would you say that water was harmless? We need approx 2.5 litres water per day. What would happen if you tripled that intake? It might kill you.

The air has about 0.03% CO2 on average. It was at this level when it discovered in 1754, and is at the same level today.

Air with CO2 of 4.5% is a something like a 1000 fold increase - and even at that level CO2 won't kill you. So, yes it is harmless.

With indoor air you can get levels this high from the respiration of the people in the room - the solution is not to stop the people from breathing, but to open the windows.

What happens in coal mines is something different.
There seems to be a lot of "fudging" figures going on recently on numerous subjects and their scientific findings, the only thing I can say really is to contemplate "who would benefit from this?"

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions, but those who shout loudest with the most money get what they want. Is this a example of true democracy in progress?
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