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Re: Share your shopping experiences.

Well, most businesses will try to sell you what they want to sell, rather than what you want to buy. However, in Switzerland they seem to take this to extremes and are quite aggressive at pushing you into getting their choice. There seems to be the attitude that the shopkeeper knows best and that you should buy whatever they tell you to.

What really annoys me is the way that supermarkets frequently drop products and replace them with something else - often 'own brand' stuff. When you ask about your chosen product, you're told that this is what they now sell and they seem amazed that you don't want to buy it instead. It's incredible that people put up with this, but there seems to be a very high tolerance amongst the Swiss consumer for being pushed around.

Personally, when a store stops selling something that I want, I like to take my business elsewhere. Unfortunately, because the market is so restrictive here just about ALL the shops do this and in order to get your chosen basket of goods you end up having to go to 2 or 3 different stores. It's not like the UK where you can go to a supermarket and get ALL the brands that you want under the same roof.

Also, there seems to be very little interpersonal skill with the shop assistants. They are quite often very rude, which when you consider that YOU pay their wages through your purchases, is quite puzzling. My own take on that is that things are so tailored towards 'safety and stability' of employment here that the shop staff don't actually feel they have to perform and that their job is safe no matter what.

If you are used to everyday life in another western country, I have to say that Swiss life can be very wearing on you. Even after many years all the hassles of everyday life here still can grind me down.

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