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Re: Moms or moms to be in st. Gallen area

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Hey all,

I'm wondering if there are any moms or moms to be out there preferably in st. Gallen to wil area, interested in meeting may once a week to share ideas. If anyone is interested, i'm looking forward to hear from you.

I'm pregnant and have no friends who are moms. Sometimes I'd like to get some advice on many issues partaining pregnancy and motherhood especially in regard to switzerland. That's why I'd really appreciate it if there is anyone out there interested to meet with a mom to be.

I have a great gyna/obst but I'd love to know more from other moms. For example do they have classes here in switzerland for pregnant women where they learn stuff like breestfeeding positions, sleeping positions, how to wash the baby e.t.c?

I'm really scared coz this is our first child and both m husband and I have no prior experience. I read alot on the internet but I always feel like it'snot enough.
Hello there, there are some wonderful courses (my friends went through in Geneva) and then not so good one. We were not so lucky with our one, kinda just the plain basics you can get in any biology book with a hippie midwife nervous about people asking questions, so it was important to do your own homework and get a lot of info yourself.

Especially on breastfeeding, the consultants in our area did not know much, nor the maternity dept here. Nobody will tell you it can be quite very difficult for some ladies, so if you can deal with that fact and not be shocked over some initial hardships, half of the hard work is already done. PM me if you need any nursing advive or preggo question. Bigger cities have much better courses in my experience. Don't be nervous, it is so special the first time you are going through this...Washing the baby will be shown to you in the maternity dept after you deliver, nursing position should be also shown, etc. It is good to read up, though. I nursed laying down, mostly, or in a rocking chair and we co-slept.

I took a prenatal water exercises in Neuch and that was absolutely the nicest pregnancy experience, hands down. And once a week in Yverdon les Bains, they even let me in with a swimming aid to do my expercises. Lovely to float without feeling all the crazy weight.
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