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I'm non EU (south african), girlfriend is EU with b permit

Hi everyone im new to the site!

My name is Kyle, iv been together with my german girlfriend for 3 and a half years. We also have a two year old son who was born in south africa but has a german passport, due to an unfortunate incident which happend in south africa my girlfriend and my son moved to switzerland 6 months ago i unfortunatly could not leave immediatly because of visas etc and work. They are both currently on a b permit............i went to visit 2 months ago and to make queries about moving there, i then returned to South Africa

My girlfriends father owns a business there and gave me a working contract so that i can apply for a b working permit and i got all the papers together and sent it to them to hand in to there local canton office, after 3 days they wrote back saying no because they must employ someone locally, my girlfriends parents subsequently wrote back giving them legitamate reasons why they want me and not someone local, after another 3 days we recieved a letter saying no again, reasons being i do not have a degree etc even though in my application i wrote and said that my son and girlfriend are there.....their answer was they understand but they cant give the permit.

This dicouraged me a lot since i miss my son and girlfriend very much.

So what me and my girlfriend have decided now is to get married in switzerland. So i went to the Swiss consulate in cape town south africa and enquired about getting married in swiss, a lady there gave me a requirments page explaining to me exacly what i need to get then once i have everything together then they send the request for marriage to switzerland to the canton where my girlfriend lives ( she has just moved so it will be a different canton to the one where we did my work permit application which was denied)

Once i have been given a date for us to get married, i must then make a application for a spousal permit from south africa and wait for a does not say on the requirments page for a spouse permit about needing to have a job but i will include the work contract in my application given by my girlfriends father and i will also write a letter saying why i want to come there and stress the fact that i wont be a burden to the country but ADD to the ecnomic growth of the country however small that may be by working etc

IF they say yes i then leave south africa and go to switzerland and get married..................BUT I AM SO SCARED THEY SAY NO TO THE SPOUSAL PERMIT AS WELL????!!!!!!!

I mean if they do they are basically denying the right for me to have a life with my son and wife to be, my girlfriend wont go to germany because her support base( parents and family) live in swiss.

If the canton does say no is there any legal steps i can take ?????

im getting really desperate and so scared i wont be able to reunite with my son and girlfriend....

If anybody has some advice for me please let me know i wuld appreciate it greatly!
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