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Re: im non eu(south african),girlfriend is eu with b permit

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Hi Kyle.
Sorry to hear about your situation. I live in Cape Town and am in a similar predicament. I recently got married in SA to my British husband who lives in Switzerland and has a B pass. I went to the Swiss embassy to apply for my schengen visa to visitmy busband in December and they told me that they dont recgonize my marriage documents as we got married under the Civil Union act and according to the Swiss it is only for gay people!??
I'm suspicious of that and would suggest trying again via Pretoria. I'm a non-EU (American) C-permit holder and am in the final stages of 'importing' my wife, a South African. We were married in Durban in August under the Civil Union act, which covers both gay folks and heterosexual couples outside of the context of religion. Furthermore, Switzerland has same-sex unions. We went through a panic initially when we discovered there were two marriage laws in ZA, but all seems OK.

The Swiss embassy in Pretoria did not have a problem with it. I've received a letter from the Kantonal Migrationsamt asking for more documents (rental contract, sworn affidavit, translated police certificate) and there was no issue with the Civil Unions Act marriage certificate. We are expecting things to be finalized any day now.

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As far as I am aware once you are legally married to a an EU citizen with a B permit then you are entitled to join your spouse in Swizterland and will receive the same B permit as them which allows you to work.
I agree. It is an international law/treaty that Switzerland is part of, or so I understand.
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