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Re: KFC in Geneva

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Went down to Geneva yesterday to get KFC lookalike for supper - my wife wanted it for her mothers day meal. I took 2 large plastic tupperware type boxes in my backpack. I really enjoy reading my book on the train, so the travelling was not a problem.
A word of advice is - do not bother bringing back the Pomme Frites - they do not travel well. You are better cooking some frozen chips when you get home.
The chicken travels fine - 15 minutes in a pre warmed cooker or pop it in the microwave. Better if you tell the guy behind the counter (he speaks english) that you just want x portions of chicken. This is not on the menu board. I paid 31chf for 8 big pieces of breast. (8 piece meal with 4 portions of inedible pommes frites would have been 42chf).
For those of you who like the KFC's chicken sauce/gravy - they do sell this, but it is mixed with the "puree" - which is the mashed potatoes they sell in non UK KFC's. Again, if you ask the nice guy, he will give you a chicken sauce - moins pomme de terre.
It is not colonel saunders, but it is as good as you will get. In fact, I think the chicken is a little better, because the Chic Chicken restaurant is out of the way and they have more time to cook it properly.
Be interested if anyone has been there - it is almost impossible to find on google - perhaps KFC keep it underground.
Someone told me that there used to be a KFC next to Staufacherstr. tram stop over 9 years ago, but that it was shut down due to bad press and swiss gastronomic rejection. (I also heard that Mc Donalds paid for them to be kicked out of switzerland). All rumours.

I assume your "swiss gastronomic rejection" was an oxymoron. It seems the only gourmet cuisine that I've ever eaten in Switzerland is imported from another country. With the amount of pork and other fat containing products eaten daily in Switzerland concerns of a fast food chain like KFC to the overall health of the population or damage to the culinary arts in Switzerland should be of marginal risk.

Even the famous Swiss Fondue is laden with transfats and 4% butterfats from the milk used in the production of the Gruyere and Ementhaler cheese which translates to something more on the order of 70-80% fat content after you allow for the total reduction in product weight after processing and curing. After all how many grams of fat are in the whey?

I'm all for allowing any entity to exist that can do so on its own merits, and not be at the mercy of a group that has ulterior motives such as a culinary group with their own self serving agenda.
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