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Re: Cricket anyone

I love the occasional game of cricket. Last time I played was in a little fun tournament where my brother secured us the use of the cricket club he belongs to.

We had 18 guys turn up to play and more by accident than design came across a neat little format whereby we split into three teams of six, and played a round robin format, with the non playing team either fielding for the bowling team or umpiring. Each game was five overs and everyone on the team bar the wicketkeeper bowled an over. Rather than play each game consecutively, we played one innings of all the games first, then the other innings. That way each team was doing something different (batting, bowling or fielding) in each set of five overs.

Perhaps that could be a suggested format if we get enough interest here? The whole occasion did have painful memories for me though. Due to the fact that I concentrated on working out what we were going to do, rather than warming up, it wasn't long before I found myself chasing the ball to the boundary and pulling first one hamstring and then another!

I was walking around like I'd just pooped my pants for the next couple of weeks
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