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Re: Where can I find an english butcher and foie gras in Zurich?

Hey guys
thanks all for the input, but can I clarify a couple of things?

Foie gras is french and there is no other way of making / producing / selling except in the traditional way.. there are no alternatives or different cuts

English, Italian and French cuts of meat are very different from each other (and not only because they have different names in different languages, they cut different muscles in different places). My OP asks for an English butcher (or, failing that, an English speaking butcher) 'cos he/she'll be more likely to be familiar with English cut or other particularity of English butchery that I'm after. In addition, if a butcher caters for an English speaking community, is more likely to cut the meat in the English way rather than the French one, hence me looking for one of those. this would increase the chance of the butcher having the English cuts available instead of having to make a custom job for them which may or may not be commercially viable for him unless, as Capt. Greybeard rightly pointed out, you buy half a cow in one go.

I hope this clarifies - thanks again you all for the replies
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