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But also from my experience - dont believe the 'consultants' in the shop either. She was the one who told me that the EnglishPremier League would be available PPV. Complete rubbish.
Yes, the shop-based people don't seem to know much (in fact the guy on the phone said not to ask the shop people anything technical as "they don't have the education for it" (I assume he meant "training")).

Shop person: The PPV movies are in D/F/I only. No English.
Phone guy: Oh sure, many of the movies have English as one of the dual-language soundtracks (proceeded to give examples).

Shop person: You won't need Ruckus.
Phone dude: Oh yes you will.

Shop person: Ruckus is CHF 199.-
Phone bloke: I'm feeling generous. CHF 69.-, for you.

I wonder what else I've been misled into by the shop person.
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