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Re: ADSL Options ??

ADSL 3500 from swisscom is 49chf/mo

and yes you do need a swisscom line at 25chf/mo unless doing the cable thang.

Read your swisscom link again, and you'll realise your mistake.


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I was given some options from various ADSL providers.

The list goes this way.

1. Sunrise ADSL 3500 offer (49 CHF / month)
sunrise ADSL - Angebote und Preise
(I don't know if there are any separate costs for swisscom line)
One time Fee : Keine einmaligen Kosten

2. Private provider (
ADSL 3500 (49 CHF / month)

One time fee : 149 CHF
Set-up Fee : 190 CHF

3. Swisscom
ADSL 3500 9 CHF / month)

Swisscom Online-Shop

Why do I see lot of fee variations ?? Am I getting wrong somewhere ??

Someone already having/availing one of these ADSL connection could help !
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