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Re: Cycling in Switzerland

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The other regulations for bicycles are the standard ones in that you must have a front and rear reflector and if riding at night you must have a front (white) and rear (red) light.
In der Schweiz finden sich die Betriebsvorschriften für Fahrräder in der „Verordnung über die technischen Anforderungen an Strassenfahrzeugen“ (VTS).
Als Beleuchtung sind ein weißer Scheinwerfer und eine rote Schlussleuchte vorgeschrieben, die auf mindestens 100 m sichtbar sind. Die Ausrüstung kann fest angebracht oder abnehmbar sein.
Zur passiven Beleuchtung muss vorne ein weißer, hinten ein roter Rückstrahler mit je 10 cm² Leuchtfläche befestigt sein. Darüber hinaus sind gelbe Reflektoren an den Pedalen anzubringen.
Hi all, I do enjoy cycling, especially when the weather is good in summer, but i'm not really an expert in the in's and out's of regulations in CH. However, when I started cycling last summer, I had some really good advice from a colleague (apologies, if already mentioned in this 5-pg thread), which I'd like to share.

Especially since I noticed a cyclist at Bhf Baden West roundabout 1830H today, conspicuously clad in blue. I have good reason to suspect that this self same cyclist lurks on EF

anyway, to cut a long story short, for night cycling, one needs a front and back light, as mentioned by ChrisW above. I did some research and came up with the 2nd quotation above (sorry, only found german ver). there're 2 points which my colleague mentioned to me, as regards to night cycling:

1. the lights should be fixed on the bike (befestigt)
2. the lights should not be blinking (passiven)

The reason i'm mentioning this is, the cyclist whom i noticed, had his rear light attached on the back of his helmet, which was then obscured by his backpack when he leaned forward during cycling.

As I understand, this would complicate matters should (touch wood) a legal dispute arise for any reason. I believe this is a good point to take note of, please correct me if I'm wrong
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