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HSBC woes

The last straw..

I have not had much luck with my HSBC Maestro Debit card, never works on a Sunday evening (reliably and predictably so) and they seem to have an ATM balance that is a few days out on my current account balance so immediate fund transfers take a few days to go through their system, balance on line is fine, balance at ATM is always a few days behind... cleared funds too, from one HSBC account to another...

Anyway to cut a long story short, they have ditched Maestro and , on their own initiative ordered me a Visa Debit card to replace mine. I find this out the hard way at Gatwick last night when my Maestro card was reported as stolen at the Car Rental counter, and on a watch list, they told me they had to cut it up... So midnight, cant get the rental car, will probably lose the money I paid, card wont work in the ATM so cant get cash for a taxi, had to phone a friend to drive an hour to pick me up...(I have never had , never needed, will never want a credit card... my mistake after 20 years apparently) now in the UK for a dentist appointment that I cant pay for, cant get any cash out of the ATM's and my account manager wont speak to me personally because my balance is less than 70K. Over an hour speaking to their Singapore helpdesk, and we all know what overseas based help desks are like.

Such a helpful bank, It will take 7-10 days for my new card to arrive, to my UK address, so will have to fly back again to get it.
Swiss Staff Maestro card is not very popular here and everyone refusing it. I made the mistake of transferring most of my first pay cheque balance to my HSBC account to do xmas shopping whilst here so its not much good at the ATM either... Sorry kids, going to be a little lite on presents this year.

I guess the lesson to learn is always carry a backup card with a useable limit, even if you never intend to use it, make sure you carry plenty of cash and change banks. HSBC have consistently let me down.

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