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Re: Are the swiss racist?

Hey now this mail almost made my day! No the Swiss are definitely not racist in the common English understanding of the word. They are just monumentally xenophobic and of course being black, yellow, brown or anything else that is not WHITE is for them a sure sign that you are a foreigner. Interestingly enough seeing as we are about 5 minutes away from the large Canton they treat the Turks at the start with a minute amount of respect as they might be Swiss Italian which is only 2nd class and not 3rd

You might be interested to know that most jobs taken by foreign nationals are through job agencies and it is common practice for the prospective employer to tell them no foreigners. And seeing as these companies earn their bread from such employers they of course prefilter applications. You might have also noticed that in Switzerland it was common to say in job adverts German mother tongue, but this is now commonly Swiss German mother tongue!

With regards to Blocher - nice comment he is very definitely xenophobic unless of course those nasty foreigners are working for Ems-Chemie in which case they are in his eyes "honorary Swiss"!!!!

I'd say it's more like classic racism: If you're of white western/northern European origin you're pretty much part of the club (though not 100% and can never be, since you're not Swiss).

However, if your skin colour is in any way dark then you are treated progressively worse and worse, depending on how non-white you are.

Well, that's from observation as I'm white skinned. Not everyone is like this of course, but there seems to be a much greater tolerance of what would be considered offensive racist attitudes elsewhere in Europe.