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Re: Does cycle need licence

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No, no, no, no, stop that....

Having come from a country that made bicycle helmets mandatory in 1990, the freedom to choose in Switzerland has been a great pleasure. Mandate helmets and all the light city users will put their bikes away in the cellar and start driving or taking public transport.
Although completely off the orig. topic..........

I must disagree on the bicycle helmet/lights law I believe the idea of laws is to stop people hurting/killing themselves, others, etc, as said "people" are too concerned about messing up their hair or being uncomfortable, than about themselves or others.

While you are at it...........why not revoke laws on seat belts, drug use and random acts of violence. I am sure some people would love to partake in all the above if only they were "given the freedom".

I agree laws can be taken too far, but in this case, I think safety can be "good for people".
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