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Re: Are the swiss racist?

My favourite encounter has been with my "landlady". She isn't really, but she has taken posession of the laundry schedule and I think it brings meaning and fullfillment into her life.
Going off topic here, but I think that many older people here have lead such a dull and anal life that they come to a certain age and realise "This is it, my life is almost over and I've totally wasted all the possibilities.".

This makes them hate everything with a vengeance and there's nothing that they like more than to pick trouble with other people to make themselves feel better.

Here comes another of my anecdotes about life in Switzerland: I was recently in the baths in Baden. There's a system of jets at the side whereby you move along when a gong sounds. Well, it was early in the morning and there were only a few people around so when the couple next to me didn't move along, I wasn't too worried as I was there to chill out and the water was nice. An old guy then came up next to me and started giving ME earache about not moving along. I explained that he should take it up with the couple down the line who weren't moving but seeing the trouble brewing, they moved down and I did likewise since the space was now free.

Not content with his 'victory' he proceeded to start giving me an ear bending about how important it was for everyone to move when the gong sounded blah blah blah. I decided I wasn't going to get into an arguement in a place I came to chill out in and as I just swum off I saw him looking around and smirking like a 3 year old who just got some sweets. I just had to remind myself as I always do in these situations that sad people like that aren't worth worrying about. It was also a good reminder of not too spend too much time growing older here :-)