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Re: Cell phone radiation and minarets

Just to be on the safe side, here are 8 tips to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation from the article that I mentioned above:

1. When on a call, use a wired headset (not a wireless headset such as a Bluetooth), or use in speaker-phone mode, or send text messages.

2. Keep the cellphone away from your body (particularly pant/trouser or shirt pockets) or use a belt holster designed to shield the body from cellphone radiation, when not in use (stand-by mode).
3. Avoid use in a moving car, train, bus, or in rural areas at some distance from a cell tower (AKA mast or base station) as any of these uses will increase the power of the cellphone’s radiation.
4. Use the cellphone like an answering machine. Keep it off until you want to see who has called. Then return calls, if necessary, using steps 5 and 1.
5. Use a corded land-line phone, whenever possible, instead of a wireless phone.
6. Avoid use inside of buildings, particularly with steel structures.
7. Do not allow your children to sleep with a cellphone beneath their pillow or at the bedside.

8. Do not allow your children under 18 to use a cellphone except in emergencies.

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