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Re: Cell phone radiation

Ok, I stick my head out and tell you that I used to work at one of the main manufacturer of mobile phone equipment.

To answer you question: There are plenty of studies out there, half saying no and half saying yes. I personally believe that non of them is completely unbiased. I am neither a doctor, not a good researcher, but I am fairly sure that cancer is usually a result of some long term factors. Since mobile phones have been around for only two to three decades in the current form, any prediction has a lot of speculation in it.

Facts as far as I am concerned:
- Radiation is in general not very healthy.
- Mobile phone radiation is in the micro wave lenght spectrum, which is really not very healthy.
- The same technology is used to cook meals or even for defense technology
- A microwave oven has some hundred watts while a phone has less than a Milliwatt. It would take more than 1,5 Million mobile phones to deliver the same radiation my microwave oven does. This is very little radiation.
- Many of the tips I read on the Internet are complete rubbish. For example the one above on not using bluetooth headsets: The bluetooth headset connects to a phone which is a meter away. The phone connects to a base station which is maybe 400 Meter away. Guess which one emits more radiation... so while I leave it open if the phone is really unhealthy, a wireless headset would surely lower the risk.

One of the most interesting points I know about: The question is actually not only how strong the radiation is, but the direction. A microwave oven focusses many rays on one spot to heat it. The "stick" antennas old mobiles had send out the rays nearly parallel. This should in theory have very little effect. The phones with build-in antennas will always radiate in a less parallel fashion, but consumers seemed to have preferred the designs.

I personally believe that the danger is very very small. I am probably exposed to other things that have a worse effect than my mobile phone, from the various things added in food to chemicals in clothes or cars or furniture or wall paint.
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