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Re: Car insurance for a UK car, not intending to import

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I know this is going to seem like a daft question to those in the know, but for those like me please explain how you can take your car into CH without importing it.....I thought if you come from outside CH if you take your car with you you are automatically importing it...what are the advantages and disadvantages for doing like you? From various things Ive read it seems taking your own car with you to CH is a major hassle...Im rather attached to mine as it was my first car and is in pretty good shape, and as its German its got the steering wheel on the correct side but nonetheless am starting to hesitate about taking it with me...
Your case is a little different - you will be bringing in a car with the steering wheel on the correct side. You'll be able to sell it in Switzerland without too much hassle and your insurance won't be a problem. It probably also cost you about the same as it would have in Switzerland, so there's no financial incentive to sell it in Germany and buy one in Switzerland.

However - I am truly puzzled why so many brits bring over a car which cost much more than exactly the same car in Switzerland, has the steering wheel on the wrong side, costs more to insure. Since cars here are so cheap and buying and registering them is ridiculously easy, I'm honestly baffled. (note: these comments don't apply specifically to this thread - since the original poster did mention they intended to sell the car and buy a Swiss one, it was directed more at previous discussions where people have driven their UK cars in Switzerland for extended periods)

So in short - this is probably not the right thread for you
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