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Re: Israel - Palestine - Part 2

It is a London Judge.

Not attacking Mulsims?

This from the British newspaper The Times (on line)

Suspected extremist Jewish settlers today attacked a mosque in the northern West Bank, burning holy books and spraying threatening graffiti in Hebrew on the building, Palestinian officials and Israeli police said.
Extremists broke into the mosque in the village of Yasuf, near the city of Nablus, and burned Korans and copies of the Hadith, or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, and prayer carpets, while spraying slogans on the floor reading “Price tag – greetings from Effi.”
A pile of ash on a scorched carpet was all that remained of around 100 holy books, The Times found.
The so-called 'price tag' is the hardline Jewish settlers’ policy of attacking Palestinians and their property in retribution for any Israeli government curb on settlement expansion. Effi is a Jewish name.

Two incendiary devices with Hebrew writing were found inside the mosque.