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Re: Coming Back to CH

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I am currently in India, I came from Switzerland after completing my 2 yrs contract with famous company (Not to mention the company name).
How long have you been outside Switzerland? This is important as if too short a time the authorities may reject your company's application.

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Currently, I am proposed again for a contract. I am not sure about my future contract tenure, how long will it be. Initial sign off would be potentially for 1 yr and then it can be extended (I am not sure about it).

I need your suggestion or advice, like what kind of permit that I would be getting if I am coming next year (Feb 2010).

As you left Switzerland you will starting from scratch. You will get an L permit initially if your company is successful in the application.

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My issue is I need B permit, so that my wife can work without any problem.

Kindly suggest your opinion on this.
What you need and what you get will most likely be different. Your wife will not be able to work on the strength of your L permit.
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