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Re: Israel - Palestine - Part 2

Check you stories, Hoppy: :l
Yes thanks for telling me to check the story I always do- the ones you post too.

Here the Rabbi seems to gives with one hand and takes away with the other.

He says: ( qouting from the article pashosh posted above)

Metzger visits Palestinian village, says 'places of prayer must not be attacked, but must also not pose as breeding grounds for incitement or as hiding places of terrorists, weapons'
He was supposed to be there by order of the IDF to calm things down---- with this statement?

btw - Muslims can hardly say the respect other people's places of worship, for example:

not to mention the archeological crime on temple mount..

This story is from 2005 it says that the Israels left an illegal settlement in Gaza. The Israeli soldiers bulldozed everything but they could not bulldoze the synagogue because it would not look good to have picture of them bulldozing synagogues, so they left to to the Gaza local people to finish it off. The Local people took the materials wiht thier bare hands from the rubble to rebuild their houses that were previously destroyed by the Israeli.

What was left they burned. from the report I qoute:

One of the few women present, Ma'soud Aud'allah, 65, was tugging a bent girder from the bulldozed wreckage of a settler home. She did not call it looting.
"This is my land," she said. "My house was near the road and the Israelis destroyed it. I want to use this to rebuild my house. It will be a support for the roof."
One of the messages left on the synagogue was:

At the back of the complex another departing Israeli hand had spray-painted another message. In Hebrew it said: "*******s: Call me at …" and it gave an Israeli mobile phone number.
The synagogue was illegally built on Gaza land.

Like Uncle Max says
a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
-in my Hoppi hands

All that I qouted ( above) are extracts from the links posted by Pashosh.