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Re: Israel - Palestine - Part 2

Hoppy: The Rabbi was there because he wanted to be there, nobody told him to go. many other rabbies & even settlers came to the mosque to show solidarity.
What's wrong with his statement: it's well documented that mosques are used for incitment and as weapons cache.

Arabs burned Synagogues in Gaza - there were syngogues in Gaza long before the muslim invasion. Then they moved on to churches - can you see the pattern here ?

ps - the "incendiary devices" are actually crowd dispersing smoke granades, and in very good condition - never seen fire bigger than a match, by the look of them....

"Illegal settlements" - we've discussed this before. you could not point out a single settlement build on the ruins of an arab village or town. Almost all arab villages and towns in "Palestine" are built on the ruins of Jewish ones.