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Re: Israel - Palestine - Part 2

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Both Begin & Shamir were not terrorsits, they fought against one of the most powerful armies at the time - The British army. and won.
I think according to my Roberts Penguin History the British class them as terrorists. But you are right about how they can monitor their own- so many great lawyers.
Tzipi Livni has expressed her dismay over the mosque bombing. If she had sided with Netanyahu and not split to the Kadima party then she would have been classed as a diplomat and would have immunity, like the others.

Some may say that the Palestinians are not terrorists- they are freedom fighters fighting against one of the world's most powerful armies- the Israeli army!

What surprised me is Einstein's involvement with Zionism, (I always thought that he was a pacifist) and the history of Brandeis University. A good article for anyone who has the time about the differences between American and European Jews concerning Zionism is an article from The Atlantic How Einstein divided America's Jews

Also interesting is the current ruling of racism in a Jewish school in the UK

But Jewish leaders said the verdict, passed by a narrow five-to-four majority, showed the difficulty in applying modern law to 3,500 years of Jewish tradition, and warned it could have an impact on other Jewish organizations.

The case arose after the school refused to admit a 12-year-old boy whose father was a practicing Jew and whose mother had converted to Judaism at a non-Orthodox synagogue. This conversion process is unrecognized by the Office of the Chief Rabbi of Britain, and the school rejected the boy's application saying that his mother was not Jewish, and therefore the boy was not either.

Which is so sad when you compare it with this school run by Steve Langford a Warwick Economics graduate who became interested in Judaism. The school has an amazing interfaith record.